The Ins and Outs of a Life Coach

Do you really want to be a life coach? Learn how to build a successful life coaching business with these tips and tricks. Read this article now!

Do you enjoy helping others maximize their potential?

Want to give people purpose and motivation to pursue their dreams?

Perhaps you were born to lead others towards their life’s calling.

A life coach has the opportunity to facilitate meaningful transformation in the lives of those seeking their guidance. Until recently, many people didn’t realize that a life coach even existed. But today, millions are turning to them for advice to achieve their personal goals.

According to Forbes, 20% of professionals in this promising career field make six figures.

Read on to find out if a career in life coaching is right for you!

Thinking About Becoming a Life Coach?

Choosing a career path is an important decision and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

As a life coach, it’s your job to help others reach their full potential. While rewarding, it’s a job that also presents its own unique set of challenges.

Before you commit to becoming a coaching professional, you should know what the job entails, where the industry is headed, and how you can be successful in this growing field.

We’ve got the answers to your need to know questions here.

What Is a Life Coach and What Do They Do?

A life coach is a professional guide who partners with clients, helping them to form a plan to reach their goals and rise to their full potential.

People come to these coaching experts seeking guidance in a variety of areas.

Some are looking for help determining their purpose. Others want career advice. Many people are looking for ways to strengthen their relationships and gain fulfillment in their personal lives.

Clients may be seeking strategies to help them organize their lives. They may just want clear the clutter in their minds. They may feel that they have been going through the motions for too long, living a life that lacks substance and meaning.

It’s your job to help them to figure out what they want exactly, and develop a plan that can be used to get them where they want to be.

Understanding Your Role and the Benefits of Hiring a Personal Coach

There are many myths surrounding the role of a personal coach. You may get asked what types of benefits a life coach can offer their clients.

The truth is that while clients may come to you seeking advice in one area, most often your services will help them in multiple areas.

When people become bored, irritable or discontent with their lives, they may not even realize what is holding them back.

Develop Better Relationships With Loved Ones

Huffington Post reports that the number one reason for people to hire a life coach is to develop a better relationship with loved ones. However, this may not be the reason that clients cite when they first come to you for help.

Many of us have not dealt with issues in our past which cause bitterness and resentment.

You help foster responsibility for one’s self and one’s choices. This frees them from the cycle of blaming others and allows them to practice acceptance. When people no longer are blaming others, they are able to form closer, more peaceful relationships with the people they love.

Identify a Purpose and a Plan

Often, we begin life with dreams and aspirations that fall by the wayside as time passes. When demands begin to take over, we find ourselves working meaningless jobs than deplete our time and energy. Or we may realize that we have neglected to create a life that brings us joy.

This is a common phenomenon in today’s society.

But, when people understand their purpose and work towards it, their life gains newfound meaning. They have more energy and motivation. Because now they are pursuing the life that they were meant for.

This may require them to make major changes personally or professionally. But along the way, they begin to see results and this empowers them to continue towards their unique purpose.

Often, people just need help untangling their life’s purpose. Once they have clarity, they are able to push forward in pursuit of their goals.


How many times have you created a goal for yourself that hasn’t materialized?

It may have been because you kept it to yourself.

Studies have shown that we are twice as likely to achieve our goals if we share them with another person.

That sounds simple enough, right?

However, many people are reluctant to share their goals with others. They may worry that others would consider their goals too lofty, or perhaps the fear of rejection or other insecurities make it difficult to share our goals with those closely surrounding us.

Sharing goals with a life coach gives you an accountability partner who doesn’t know your past experiences or judge you by prior failures. This allows you the freedom to share your dreams without prejudice. And, a life coach can give you the accountability that you need to stay focused.

It’s harder to stray from commitments when we have to confide that in another person. When we don’t follow through with the plan we created for ourselves with our life coach, we must admit that aloud to another person. This isn’t always easy, and sometimes, avoiding this can be motivation enough to stay the course.

We also are aware that not only will we disappoint ourselves if we fall short of our plan, but also our life coach may also be dissappointed. Although a life coach is unlikely to guilt you, your inherent desire to please them can push you to succeed when you might otherwise quit.

Someone to Listen and Offer Unbiased Input

A professional can sometimes be the listening ear that many of us crave. Just having someone to hear us can be therapeutic. And, when we voice our thoughts, things may become clearer to us that we might have missed until we said them aloud.

A coaching expert can also offer an unbiased opinion that you are unlikely to get from friends, family or colleagues. This can be important when navigating our relationships, career decisions, family-work balance, and other important areas of our lives.

People that are close to us may develop opinions based on their own life experiences.

For example, your parents may think that you should not pursue a career because it is too challenging. Despite your personal desires, they may try to steer you down a softer path that won’t require the work hours or education that’s required to do the thing you really want to do.

They may not see the big picture, and their influence may sway you to do something that isn’t true to who you are. As a result, you could wind up resentful and bitter, towards them and towards yourself.

Your life coach can help you to make the decision that is best for you, and that will lead you to your greatest personal fulfillment.

Opportunity for Personal Development

As a professional coach, you provide the opportunity for another’s personal development. Although it’s something many of us strive for, having your own coach to guide, plan, and encourage you to reach your personal best, can certainly facilitate the process.

Often, it’s easier to confront and overcome obstacles in one’s life with the help of a trained professional. With help, people are able to get past some of the experiences that have held them back from becoming all they are meant to be.

As a coach, you give people courage to face down their fears, and reach higher.

Not only can you give them strength and help them to sort through the clutter in their lives, but you help them to construct a roadmap. This is a plan that illustrates how they will get from where there are to where they want to be.

The value of aiding someone’s personal development is often one of the greatest gifts they could receive.

How You Can Become a Professional Coach

A career as a personal coach can be exciting and fulfilling for you and your clients.

As you watch people transform into a more grounded, content, and fearless version of themselves, you too are likely to be transformed. Helping others to reach their goals and pursue their passions can be priceless.

Are you ready to start your career as a certified life coach?

If you want to be a professional coach, the first step to your new career is obtaining certification. This is what enables clients to trust you, allows you to set a competitive pricing scale, and gives you authority in others’ eyes.

Enroll in our online program today to become a certified life coach!

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