What is the Average Human Resource Worker Salary?

Human Resources is a department that every business needs, but what’s the average human resource worker salary? Click here to find out.

Human resource positions are held by people who have bachelor’s degrees and are responsible for handling employment needs.

In fact, more people are obtaining higher degrees of education to move their way up in the world of human resources. Employees in this field have highly respectable MBAs and CPAs to increase work productivity and earning future potential.

Some of the highest paying jobs exist in the human resource career path. This is promising news for a high human resource salary throughout one’s entire career.

Are you interested in learning more about the human resource salary for a job in the field?

Keep reading this detailed article to discover how much money you will need to earn each year if you consider a job in human resources.

What does a Human Resource Workers Do?

People who work in the field of human resources are the ones who overlook a staff and day to day operations for a business.

Someone becomes a human resource worker if he or has had previous experience in a related field, such as customer service. Management skills are important characteristics to have as a human resource worker.

They have many tasks which focus on recruiting more employees to the business, handling employee records, training new employees, and performing background checks on prospective new employees.

What makes a good human resource worker?

Somone who is:

  • Detail oriented
  • Can supervise a team of people
  • Good at decision making
  • Has exceptional listening and speaking skills
  • Is a people-person who is excellent at interactions with others

A worker in this field may also travel to college campuses and attend job fairs to hire new talent for a business. Human resource specialists are individuals who can successfully interview new people on the spot to recruit new faces to add to a business.

A human resource specialist should also have skills necessary to operate a computer to complete administrative tasks. People seeking jobs in this field must understand Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word to ensure proper data logging techniques used by most human resource workers.

Do not feel discouraged entering this field if you are a woman. Many women are necessary for jobs in HR because they are nurturing and enjoy interacting with people. Women make up a huge portion of the HR department at many businesses.

In fact, studies have shown that 86% of HR managers are female, while 14% are males. Both females and males working in this field are also satisfied with their jobs, as they rank a 5/5 on a scale of happiness.

How Much is the Human Resource Salary?

The human resource employment level is on the rise. The job outlook is currently growing at 5% each year and will continue on that trend until 2024.

Working in the field of human resources is likely to improve as time goes on and people earn degrees to specialize in HR. The job prospects are favorable as there are over 480,000 human resource specialists working in America today.

Jobs in this field are growing faster than average, which is good news if you plan on finding a position in the next few years as a human resource worker.

Of course, before you spend thousands of dollars at a college to earn a bachelor’s degree which can benefit your career, you need to understand the average human resource salary. Knowing how much you can earn with your degree is imperative information so you choose the right path for your life.

It’s true that a human resource salary varies by degree level and years of experience. Someone who holds an MBA is going to earn more money than someone with a bachelor’s degree, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t money for everyone.

In May of 2016, the median average wage for someone working in human resources was $51,180.

That amount breaks down into different categories. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those holding positions in professional or technical services earned more. These workers earned over $65,000.

However, there is also a downside to a job in human resources because the lowest 10% earned $34,000. The higher end of the spectrum has people earning in the top 10% with over $100,000 per year on average.

Watch Your Human Resource Salary Grow

Want to hear a goal to strive for as you make your way into the world of earning a human resource salary of your own? A Senior Vice President of Human Resources earns a remarkable $272,000. A media cash bonus is set at around $52,000.

Your earning potential can become a reality if you hone in on your unique talent and become the best HR manager a business can have.

As time goes on, a person with a human resource job will find pay increases the longer he or she remains employed at a business.

For someone who has contributed over 20 years of experience at one company, he or she will find higher yearly salaries in comparison to an entry-level worker.

Compensation will also exist in the form of large tips and wage bonuses based on commission sales for some HR workers.

Location Matters for Higher Salaries

Where you live can often impact how much money you will make annually as a human resource specialist.

For example, in the world of Human Resource Management, those living in San Fransico earn an average of $67,000. This number is $16,000 above the national average, so consider a move to the San Francisco area if you want to see a pay raise.

However, you need to think about the cost of living around the country for someone with a human resource salary. Those workers living in San Francisco probably attribute most of their income to their rent or mortgage payments because living there is not cheap for anyone.

According to data collected by Business Insider, San Francisco has a median rent standing at just over $3,400. The cost of living is an important factor to consider if you have a job in human resources or are looking at one in the Bay area.

Do I Need a Certification in Human Resource?

If you are considering a switch in careers over to the human resource department of a business to earn a hefty human resource salary, you will need to obtain a human resource certificate.

Having a human resource certificate with your name on it will no doubt lead you to the right business to work for. The HR department of a business is always looking for well-qualified people to join the company and improve the way new employees get hired. Searching for the best workers to add to a business is a part of your role as a human resource specialist, after all.

Besides earning a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, you may also want to seek extra certifications to boost your resume. The labor force includes people who have similar resumes, so you need to set yourself apart in some manner.

Some companies even need a certification before they hire you. Start the process and become familiar with the changes in federal or local government by taking a test for certification.

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