Is the Salary of a Health Coach Worth Pursuing? (Hint: Yes!)

The job market has been looking especially great for health coaches in recent years, but what is a health coach salary like? Click here to learn the answer.

Americans change jobs on average 12 times within their life. Are you considering your next big switch?

If you’re thinking of entering the fast-growing health coach market, you’re on the right track. Many people are tempted based on the health coach salary alone. But there is so much more to the job than just the pay.

From the salary to the freedom and flexibility the career provides, there are a lot of upsides to choosing a new career as a health coach. But how do you know if a career in health coaching is right for you?

In this article, we’ll break down what you can expect from a career switch to health coaching. Once you know what a career in health coaching really means, you can decide for yourself if it’s the right choice for you. So read on!

What Does a Health Coach Do?

Before you worry about the health coach salary you can expect to earn, you need to decide if the job is really for you. The most successful health coaches are those who love what they do. Your passion and drive to propel you to success.

So when you pursue a career as a health coach, what will you actually be doing?

A health coach is someone who guides their clients and helps keep them on track to reach their health-related goals. Health coaches can help clients when it comes to fitness, nutrition, stress management, and much more.

Health coaches don’t just guide based on their own opinions, either. They use scientific and evidence-based strategies to help their clients.

Most importantly, health coaches are motivators. It isn’t just you telling your client what to do. You actively work with them, developing strategies together, and motivating them to reach their health goals.

Health coaches are generally self-employed. This means that they manage their own clients and schedule. It also means that the health coach salary you receive depends on the work that you put in.

What is a Health Coach Salary Like?

Just like any career move, you need to fully understand health coach salary expectations before you decide to make the switch.

The average health coach salary in America is about $44,390 per year. But the real story is a lot more complicated than that.

As we mentioned above, most health coaches are self-employed. This means that the salaries within the industry can vary broadly.

Someone who is just starting out in the industry, or who has a hard time finding and holding onto clients will likely be making less than this number.

Coaches who have built up experience, a strong client base, and made a name for themselves can expect to earn significantly more. Those at the top of this career earn close to $70,000 yearly.

Another positive is that health coaching is a rapidly growing industry. According to government statistics, it’s growing by 13% every year. This means rapid job creation and more earning opportunities.

So what are the main takeaways?

Basically, a health coach salary provides a solid earning potential, especially as you gain more experience in the field. But, the more skilled you are as a health coach, the more earning potential you will have.

What are the skills that will help you succeed and climb to the top of the health coach salary ladder? We’ll run through them below.

What Do You Need to be a Great Health Coach?

Being a good health coach requires some important skills and beliefs. The great thing is, you have likely had a chance to develop these skills in other industries. This will make your transition easier.

These are the most important attributes you need to succeed as a health coach and maximize your earning potential.

Strong Communication Skills

As a health coach, you need to be an effective communicator.

Your first concern when starting out will be to get clients. This means that you will need to market yourself and your services. You will also need to meet with potential clients and explain to them how your coaching services can help them meet their health goals.

Then, in your day to day work, you will frequently be interacting with your clients. You need to be able to listen to them and talk with them until you completely understand their health needs and goals.

You also need to motivate them to stay on track, even when things get tough.

Strong communication skills are essential for all of these interactions.

Empathy and Understanding

One of the best parts of working as a health coach is that you really get to make an impact on people’s lives. You are helping them become healthier and happier, and that’s a pretty rewarding feeling.

Caring about your clients and their success should motivate you. If you genuinely care about their health, it will show through in your work.

Plus, you will be working with your clients through some tough times as well. Getting onto a healthy path usually isn’t easy, and there will be setbacks. Sometimes your clients may not stay on the plan.

You need to have the empathy and understanding to get them through these tough times.

A Strong Interest in Health and Continuous Learning

It should seem like a no-brainer, but to really succeed as a health coach, you need to really care about health.

New scientific developments come out constantly in nutrition and fitness. As a health coach, you should keep yourself informed of new developments. New research can lead to new, innovative ways to help your clients.

If you have a passion for health, it will make it way easier to continuously learn and keep yourself at the forefront.


This is especially important if you are more used to a 9 to 5 schedule. As a life coach, you will likely need to have a more flexible schedule, meeting clients at times that are convenient for them.

Outside of client meetings, you will need to set aside time for other tasks, like planning and managing the business side of things.

In this sort of situation, some basic organization and time management skills go a long way. But the upside is that you’ve got a lot of freedom and flexibility, and can manage your workload to your needs.

Business Skills

Since you will essentially be managing your own business, knowing some basic business skills can really give you an edge. From accounting to business administration, having some business know-how will help keep things running smoothly.

The good news is that these are the easiest skills on this list to learn. Some basic business courses can have you up to speed in no time.

Getting Your Health Coach Certification

The skills we described above are essential for all health coaches. These are skills you likely already have, or can learn on your own. The thing that will set you apart from the rest of the crowd is a health coach certification.

Depending on the state you live in, you may not be required by law to get certified as a health coach, or even to provide nutritional advice. However, even if it isn’t required, a certification is essential to being a great health coach (and earning a great health coach salary).

This is because you will be better equipped to give real, helpful guidance. Health and nutrition is a complicated field. A certification provides you with the knowledge you need to give your clients meaningful help. You will be able to help them make real change in their lives through your expertise.

If you provide your clients with great guidance, they will recognize the value in it. They will be more likely to continue working with you and more likely to recommend your services to others.

Plus, it is helpful for finding new clients. You can show that you have studied and been certified, which means you can provide a better service.

It’s simple. By providing a fantastic service, you will have better success within your industry. And the best way to get these skills is by getting certified.

You can even enroll in online certification courses, meaning you don’t have to make the big career jump yet. You can continue in your current career while doing the course in your free time. This gets you ready for your new career while giving you the knowledge to make sure this is the right decision for you.

Wrapping Up

Now you know the health coach salary you can expect if you join this growing industry. Plus, you know the factors that can affect how much you earn.

If you have the skills we mentioned, or are willing to learn, you are on the right track. Health coaches who can provide a great service to their clients will increase their earning potential, especially over time.

Finally, the best thing you can do to prepare is to earn your health coach certification. With that under your belt, you’ll have the skills you need to start your new career.

Do you have more questions about starting your certification course? Check out our FAQs and get the answers you need to get started.

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