How To Get A Career Performing One On One Personal Training

Being a personal trainer presents special challenges, and thus requires special training. Here’s how you can get a career in one on one personal training!

Have you ever wished you could turn your workout into your work? With a career in one on one personal training, you can turn your healthy lifestyle into a job you’ll love.

When you start one on one personal training, you are joining a stable, growing industry. Personal training is due to grow by 10% over the next decade, which is faster than the industry average. This means that new personal trainers are entering into a steadily growing career path, where there will be tons of opportunity.

So how do you get started on the path to one on one personal training and set yourself up for success? Read on to find out!

Make Sure One on One Personal Training is Right For You

A career in one on one personal training can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. At the same time, however, it isn’t for everyone. If you think you want to become a personal trainer, you need to think critically about whether this is the right move for you.

First, you need to have a passion for fitness. As a personal trainer, you will be spending a lot of time helping people with their workouts, as well as working out yourself. If you can’t stand the gym or going for a jog, this might not be the career for you.

Second, you need to love working with other people. The main part of your job will be working with clients, motivating them to fulfill their goals. To be a great trainer, you should love spending time with other people.

Third, you need to be motivated. Many personal trainers are their own boss. That means you will need to have the motivation to work even when there is no one checking up on your progress.

Finally, you will need strong organization and some business skills. Luckily, these are the easiest skills on this list to learn, since you can just take business courses.

Does this still sound like the job for you? Great! Next, we’ll show you how to get started on your career.

Work With Another Personal Trainer

There are probably already at least a couple personal trainers in your area. Reaching out to them can be one of the best ways to get started on your new career.

See if any of them are willing to meet with you for a coffee (or healthy smoothie!) or talk on the phone. If they say yes, prepare for the meeting by thinking up any questions you have for them.

Ask about how they got their start, and what they think about the business environment. Are they able to drum up business pretty easily, or is there a shortage of clients in your area?

Keep in mind that some other trainers might be a bit reluctant to help you since you might be their competition down the road. This is especially true if you live in a smaller town.

However, many trainers will be willing to at least give you some advice. Since they work on their own, they may be happy for the chance to network. In the future, you might be able to help them out as well.

In addition to asking some questions, consider hiring them for their services. Being trained by another trainer will give you a different perspective. When you are training your own clients, you will be able to empathize and better motivate them.

Bulk Up

When you are a personal trainer, your own fitness is your best success story. If you don’t look fit yourself, potential clients won’t trust that you can help them achieve their fitness goals.

So, before you launch your career in personal fitness, do a self-evaluation. Are there certain areas that could use some work? Devote some extra time to your workouts, since this is fundamental to your business’s success.

Learn Human Anatomy

You are going to be training the human body, so you need to know how it works. Without knowledge of basic anatomy, you could end up accidentally putting strain on sensitive body parts, or even cause injury to your clients.

That is why learning human anatomy is absolutely essential to successful one on one personal training.

This knowledge will also help you stand out to potential clients as an expert. There are many personal trainers who don’t know their fibula from their tibia. When you can show that you have this training, clients will be more likely to trust that you know how to keep them from injury as you push them to their limits.

The good news is, when you become certified as a personal trainer, anatomy will be covered. But doing your own research as well doesn’t hurt.

Become Certified for One on One Personal Training

To become a personal trainer, you don’t technically need to be licensed. In fact, there are no tests or licenses that you need in order to work as a personal trainer.

But working as a personal trainer without any education is like trying to drive for NASCAR when you’ve never even driven on a highway.

When you are doing one on one personal training, you need to know that every person’s body is different. Exercises that may give you great results might seriously injure someone else. Personal training accidents can lead to people ending up in hospital or even suing.

When you become certified as a personal trainer, you will know how to avoid this. A certification course will teach you how to recognize warning signs. You’ll be able to know when your clients need to push harder, and when they’ve reached their safe limit.

Plus, you will be able to expand your repertoire. When you become certified, you will learn a bunch of new, cutting-edge exercises. These are great for your clients and can boost your personal workouts as well.

Another benefit of getting certified? If you want to work in a club or health spa, many places require certification. Even if they don’t, a certificate will set you above the competition.

Choose Your Career Path

Once you have got your certification, there are two major directions that your career can take. You can either work for a gym or health club or strike out on your own.

The great news here is that there is a ton of variety available, and each option has its own pros and cons.

If you choose to become self-employed, you will have more freedom and flexibility. You can build your own network of clients, and get to keep all the fees they pay. However, your income is dependant on how much business you can drum up.

If you work for a company, you will have to stick to their rules and schedule, as well as their wages and benefits. Your income will be more stable, but you lose flexibility. You will also have access to their equipment. You can meet and learn from other trainers, building your skills and network.

There are also more options than just working in a gym or health club.

Some large corporations provide one on one personal training for their employees. Spas, resorts, and even some hotels hire trainers for their guests. There are even personal trainers working on cruise ships!

You’ve got lots of choices. You also don’t have to just decide on one. For example, you can try working in a club, building up your experience until you’re ready to run your own business.

Once you choose your path, it’s time to start working with clients. Here’s how!

Build Strong Relationships

As a personal trainer, you don’t just need to strengthen muscles. You need to strengthen relationships as well!

When you are working one on one with a client, it is important that you get along. If they don’t like you, or don’t trust your expertise, they will move on to another trainer.

Ask them about their lives and their interests. Get to know them personally as you work together. A little genuine interest goes a long way.

Personalize Your Strategies

Every client is different. You need to understand what your client wants and needs.

This means being aware of any injuries or limitations and modifying your workout routines to suit that. It also means talking to your clients about their goals, and working on a plan that is realistic.

Some clients may want to bulk up or lose a certain amount of weight. Others might be trying to get fit for a marathon or get back in shape after a long time away from the gym.

If you know what your clients really want, you’ll be able to give them a way better experience.

Wrapping Up

These are the first steps to starting a new career in one on one personal training. Working in fitness and health can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. You are helping people become healthier, every single day.

If you are ready to pursue this career, get started now! Start reaching out to other personal trainers and bulking up. As you’re doing this, enroll in a course and get certified.

Do you have more questions about making this career switch? Contact us to learn more about how you can get certified and start working as a personal trainer.

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