Becoming a Workout Squad Leader – Which Group Fitness Certification Is Right for You?

Do you prefer teaching groups rather than one-on-one training? If yes, you need to choose the right group fitness certification. Here’s how you can do it.

Do you love to exercise? Do you own more athletic leisure outfits and tennis shoes than you do jeans?

If working out is for you and you want to make a career out of it, why not become an instructor?

Working out with others is a great way to maintain your motivation, and if you teach the class, you’ll even get paid to do it. A group fitness certification can help you find a job as an instructor quicker and easier than if your only qualification is a love for exercising.

Here’s how to become a group fitness instructor.

Becoming a Group Fitness Instructor

You may love working out, but some instructor positions may not be right for you. If personal training and individual one-on-one time aren’t for you, then group classes might be. This is a good problem for you to have, as there is a growing demand for group class instructors who have versatile skills.

Why not consider a group fitness certification to help you get hired as a group fitness instructor?

Whether your goal is to teach one class a week or multiple classes every day, fitness is a rewarding industry that would welcome you and your passion. The varied paths make it an easy industry to break into and well worth your time and money. Finding a home in the workout realm goes faster when you have a certification behind your name.

What Kinds of Group Fitness Instructor Certifications Are There?

When you love working out, you may not be too picky about the type of classes you take. If this is the case and you love it all, then choosing a certification may be a trickier decision than just choosing from a list.

From teaching yoga classes to aerobics, Pilates, or indoor cycling, you have a world of opportunity open to you. Other group fitness classes can include personal training, as working with individuals is part of the group setting.

Starting with a base class of personal training, or a master trainer certification if you’re already a personal trainer, can help provide the foundation you want before continuing on to a group fitness class certification.

To decide, you’ll need to ask yourself some questions about your goals and your interests.

The Right Group Fitness Certification for You

Why do you want to get certified? If you are looking to build your expertise and enhance your fitness knowledge, then perhaps jumping into a type of fitness that you don’t know as much about would be best for you. For example, if you enjoy yoga but haven’t taken too many classes, try a yoga certification.

Are you looking to jumpstart your group fitness instructor career? If that’s the case, then something you don’t know too much about isn’t as great of an idea.

Instead, choose an area that you know well and enjoy the most. Indoor cycling may be the better option if those are the classes you’ve been focusing on lately and feel like you already have basic knowledge in.

The right certification will help you lead a class filled with people, instead of working with individuals. Here are some skills you may pick up that will help you when working with different types of workout levels:

  • how to tailor the routine for beginner level attendees, as well as provide modifications for an advanced workout
  • how to notice what your group can and can’t accomplish, to keep the class safe
  • what the differences are in types of fitness classes
  • how to market yourself as a group fitness instructor, including gaining new class members and making more money than as a personal trainer
  • how to design your own workout class routines

If those all sound like elements that would help you on your road to success, then a certification class may be the right fit for you.

How To Get Certified

Most of the programs out there have stringent requirements for completing the course. Don’t mess with proving that you have a high school diploma, submitting identification, and appearing in person to take a final exam. An online certification can help you get the credential you need without the hassle.

Make sure that the certification body you choose has secure fee processing to avoid potential threats from hackers. Protect yourself from the hazards of phishing and other scams. Choose one that offers daily scans and stays up to date to eliminate security problems.

You’ll also want a company that has high-quality standards. If the coursework is designed by experts in the field with professional experience, the descriptions will say so when you are looking into the class. Don’t choose a certification body without these benchmarks or your certification won’t mean as much.

You need to work with a certification body that treats your personal information with care. Choose a company that boasts about its privacy policy. A company that keeps your information safe is one you can trust.

A Workout Squad Leader

If you’ve discovered it’s time to find a group fitness certification that fits your needs, then evaluate based on your own interests and career goals.

Making sure you choose a trustworthy certification body is also important. They should keep your payment and personal information safe, as well as having high-quality standards for their coursework.

A company like ExpertRating offers all this and more. Check out all the courses we offer in online certifications and sign up today for the one that’s right for you.