Making Dreams a Reality – How to Attract Clients Through Life Coach Marketing

Get more clients and grow your life coaching business by tapping these coach marketing strategies. We’ve collected our best tips, strategies, and resources.

Becoming a life coach is one of the most rewarding career moves that you can make. You get to help transform people’s lives while transforming your own.

You have more freedom in your day, you work from home, and you call the shots in your own business. That is, you have the freedom until reality sets in because you need to make sure that you have a steady stream of clients to serve.  

Do you want to make sure that you have a consistent base of clients to serve?

Then read on to learn the top life coach marketing tips to help you build your business.

1. Be Clear About the Problem You Solve

The number one place to start in life coach marketing is to have a clear understanding as to what problem you solve. Most people will say “I’m a life coach.” People know what a life coach is, but they don’t know how a life coach will help them.

One way to gain that clarity is to focus on one problem that you help people solve. For example, you might work with people to develop more meaningful relationships or help them in their career. You might want to bring people more joy in their lives.

Your job is to be able to explain what you do for clients in one clear and compelling sentence. That’s going to serve as the basis for all of your life coach marketing efforts.

2. Help As Many People As Possible

After you get a life coach certification, you’re going to want to build your credibility and expertise. There are a number of ways you can do that without devaluing your expertise.

You can start out by writing a blog and guest posts to add value to people and build your credibility as a life coach.

It may seem counter-intuitive to give away your expertise. It’s actually your responsibility as a coach to help as many people as you can. The more value you add to people, the more likely they are to hire you and pay a premium for your services.

3. Build Referral Networks

Referral networks are a valuable part of your marketing if you have the right referral partners. Find business owners who have similar services that share your target demographic. That might be therapists, personal trainers, or other holistic practitioners.

4. Know Who the Right Client Is

One of the hardest things for new coaches to do is to say no to potential clients. You want to find a way to pay your bills, so you take on the wrong client.

The wrong client will drain you and you’ll both end up frustrated by the experience.

You need to know exactly who you help, starting with someone who is motivated and willing to make a change in their lives.

By knowing this, you’re going to be more empowered to say no to the wrong clients. That will clear space for the right clients to show up.

5. Build a Tribe on Social Media

It takes time and patience to build a following on social media. In order to do it right, you need to pick the right venue where your audience is. That could be on Facebook, Instagram, or another social network.

Again, it all comes down to adding value to your readers and followers. You’re going to give people the keys to solve their problems. Some people will be able to solve them on their own, but most are going to want additional help.

That’s when they hire you.

6. Speaking at Local Events and Groups

 Speaking at local groups and events will position you as the go-to person in your area of expertise.

The visibility will enhance your credibility and trust among people. It also builds up your confidence as a speaker, which you can leverage into larger events as you build your tribe.

7. Build a Website that Sells

Approaching your website as a big brochure is the wrong way to go. You want to make your website a sales machine for your coaching business.

You’re going to spend a lot of time on marketing your business and driving traffic to your website. You want to make sure that your site is set up to tell a compelling story and demonstrate why people should hire you.

8. Use Automated Sequences to Nurture Leads

Most life coaches expect people to visit their website and sign up for coaching right away.

The reality is quite different from that. The reality is that only 2% of people who are visiting your website or learn about your coaching business are ready to hire a coach now.

Without a system in place to capture those leads and communicate with them on a regular basis, you’re letting 98% of your visitors go, unlikely to return.

You can add a downloadable book on your website that speaks to the main problem that you solve. People will have to leave their email address to receive the book. Once they do that, you can create a series of emails over a couple of weeks that guide them through the ebook and help them solve the problem that they need to solve.

You’re communicating with them regularly, building trust and expertise in the minds of the reader. When you continue to communicate with them, you’re going to be the go-to life coach when they are ready to hire a life coach.

9. Always Continue to Learn & Develop Your Skills

You can have the best marketing plan in place, but if you can’t deliver results for your clients, they’re not likely to refer business to you.

You want to make sure that you’re always developing your skillset and refining how you coach people. The better you become as a coach, the happier your clients will be. The happier your clients are with their results, the more likely they will be to refer other people to you. 

10. Have a Referral Plan in Place

One of the biggest mistakes that service providers make is that they assume that people will just refer business to them.

People have to be prompted to refer someone to your life coaching business. They’re happy to make a referral, but you need to ask them to do so.

It’s not desperate or needy to ask for a referral. It’s good business.

You want to have a referral system in place for your clients to make it easy to refer business your way. You can add a signature to your email or add a way for clients to refer business in your email newsletters to existing clients.

Life Coach Marketing Builds Business

You don’t need to stay up at night worrying about where your next client is going to come from. You can use these life coach marketing tips and then as you build your business.

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